“It is the policy of TRIME, C.A., a company dedicated to industrial and mechanical works, to manage our activities in a competitive way in order to achieve the satisfaction of our Customers’ needs.”

TRIME, C.A., has a Quality Management System that aims to establish guidelines in the organization in terms of Quality Assurance and Control, to implement and continuously improve processes that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

To ensure that the activities carried out in the organization comply with the provisions of the Quality Management System, Internal Audits and Follow-up Audits of the Certification Body are carried out in the different certified areas; in turn, these audits allow us to detect opportunities for improvement in the organization.

We maintain the competence of our workforce through continuous training in quality and safety.


It is the policy of the TRIME, C.A. Company, in terms of Health and Safety at Work, to ensure compliance with:

The Norms established and contained in the Laws and their Regulations and Ordinances both of a regional, national and international nature.

The Standards and Procedures of our clients.

Our own internal Standards and Procedures.

The fulfillment of all this set of Laws, Norms and Procedures is of obligatory character so much for the Managerial, Administrative, Supervision and Daily Payroll personnel.

We continuously improve our quality and safety systems through open channels of communication and HSEQ awareness.


Certificado de Autorización R

Certificado ISO 9001 2014-2017

CERTIFICADO ISO 14001.pdf 2015 - 2018

CERTIFICADO OHSAS 18001.pdf 2015 - 2018

Certificados de Autorización ASME PP

Certificados de Autorización ASME S

Certificados de Autorización ASME U

Certificados de Autorización ASME U2