TRIME, C.A through its Construction Organization has the experience, highly qualified human resources and adequate equipment for the execution of multidisciplinary works such as:

Civil Works

Topographic Surveys

Deforestation and removal of plant layers, reforestation

Earth Movements

Filled bench
– Filling and compacting
– Transport and handling

Concrete works

– Prefabricated Elements
– Equipment Foundations
– Buildings

Drainage and Hydraulic Works

Black Water
– Rainwater
– Oily Waters
– White Water
– Deep Wells
– Pumping System
– General Channelling


– Conformation of Sub-Bases and Bases
– General Asphalt
– Ramps, Bridges, Walls
– Tunnels and Piloting

Mechanical Works

Equipment Assembly

– Statics
– Drums
– Towers
– Spacers
– Packages
– Rotary
– Turbo Generators
– Compressors
– Pumps
– Mechurriums (Flares) and Vents

Pipeline (Flow Lines)

– Flow Lines (Oil and Gas)
– High pressure gas injection lines to wells
– Salt water injection lines Oil pipelines, Gas pipelines, Polyducts
– Aqueducts

Plant Piping (Gas, Oil, Industrial)

Prefabricated Elements and Isometry Assemblies
– Carbon Steel
– Low and Medium Alloy Steels. Chrome
– Molybdenum.
– Stainless steels
– High Alloy Steels

API Storage Tanks

– Open Tanks
– Welded Tanks
– Up to 20,000 Bles. 80,000 Bles
– Over 100,000 Bles

Electrical and Instrumentation Works


General Works

– Earthen Mesh.
– Construction of benches.
– Wiring and Connection.
– Tests.

Transmission and Distribution

High Voltage Lines (115 KV; 138 KV)

Medium voltage lines (13,8 KV; 24 KV)

Low voltage lines (480 V; 208 V; 110 V)

Instrumentation and Telecommunications

Construction and Equipment of Control Rooms

SCADA, SIS, DCS systems.

Instrument Assembly, Calibration and Loop Testing

Optical Fiber




– Related activities.
– Turbogenerator assembly and mounting.
– Current transformer assembly.
– Assembling and assembling electrical equipment: disconnectors, switches, terminal blocks.

Electrical substations

– Open Substations .
– Encapsulated Substations.

The division has the capacity to directly execute and/or act as part of CPI projects, Consortiums or support to other divisions